A Poison Brewed in Secret

They’ve brewed their “healthcare” concoction largely in secret, but now have had to bring it out with the full ingredients list for the rest of us to swallow. It’s poison, of course, for a substantial fraction of the country, and undoubtedly will lead to unnecessary deaths, with some of the most vulnerable being the very people who put Trump in the White House.

It’s the creation of a minority party. The GOP controls Congress, but its policies obviously lack majority support. And this initiative in particular, with its stated intent of shrinking Medicaid in order to give tax breaks to the well-off, is not playing well beyond the Koch brothers, the Mercers, and the rest of the neoliberal crowd of Ayn Rand acolytes.

The GOP for eight years has been able to market itself as the champion of the working class. It isn’t. It’s the champion of a neoliberal elite with deep pockets and a mission to dismantle as much government as possible with the exception of the military.

And the working class actually benefits enormously from government initiatives, and it could benefit more from more government initiatives. “Working class resentment,” which might more properly be described as white male working class resentment, extends only to the government programs or parts of programs that benefit those Others.

If the GOP’s healthcare poison actually becomes law, the question will be put to the country squarely in the fall of 2018: Who’s side is the GOP really on?

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