The Bipartisan Conspiracy of Silence

The Hill leadership on both sides of the aisle, their willful deafness to calls for impeachment quite palpable, must have concluded that the country is going to be okay until early 2019, when the outcome of the 2018 election either has extended the GOP stranglehold on power or has made Nancy Pelosi Speaker again and maybe handed the Democrats a Senate majority.

Between now and the election, Trump will continue to be Trump. The Hill GOP will be interested only in tax cuts. The Hill Democrats will moan about this or that, but do nothing, figuring Trump is destroying the electoral prospects of the GOP.

So, the betting is that the generals will keep Trump from doing anything really stupid internationally, and anything he does domestically can be fixed later.

And if Mueller and his Untouchables come up with something that can’t be ignored, so be it.

That’s the pathetic truth, my fellow Americans. There is no real prospect of salvation for quite awhile. Time to find a good therapist.

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