Memo to DNC: Eyes on the Prize

It’s natural enough for the Clinton Brigades to defend her when she’s attacked, and she is being attacked again now for “rigging” the primaries against Bernie. Likewise, it’s natural for Bernie fans to bristle at this pushback from the Clinton Brigades.

The job for the DNC going forward, however, is to move on from this feud, focusing instead on building a party that is seen clearly by the electorate as the go-to alternative to the party owned by the Koch brothers and the Trumpians. The strongest possible showing in 2018 is not merely a party imperative, but a national imperative.

The DNC, then, must get its financial house in order pronto, bringing in whoever is necessary to ensure an effective system for appealing to small donors. The DNC must be a party of clear and compelling ideas focused on the interests of the country’s working stiffs of all colors, genders, and backgrounds. And the DNC must be about the business of recruiting a new generation of candidates who have the qualifications, public presence, and enthusiasm to bring folks to the polls.

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