Virginia is a Preview of 2018

Ed Gillespie, routinely described by decent Republicans as one of their own who now has devolved through his campaign advertising into a nasty baiter of the fear-and-resentment vote in Virginia, is running a gubernatorial bid that should be recognized as the template for GOP candidacies in November 2018.

Democrats who think the most important fight now is between the Bernie and Hillary wings of their own party are dangerously mistaken. The most important fight now is the fight to rescue the republic from the domination of the GOP, because the GOP isn’t going to do anything to rid the country of Trump.

I’ve read tweets asserting that the Republicans are doomed in 2018 if they pass the tax cut bill, because the bill helps the billionaires of their donor class, but hurts ordinary Americans. This is naive. The GOP strategy for decades now has been to kowtow to the donor class, thereby opening the spigot for millions in campaign contributions then used to run low-road campaigns to get the fear-and-resentment vote to the polls to crush the party of the Others. I see no reason to conclude that this won’t work again, the Trump wildcard notwithstanding.

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