Corker and the Tax Bill

“The real lesson of the kick at Bob Corker is how terrified the left is of a bill that could be a popular tax cut that helps the economy and lifts incomes.”

— Wall Street Journal

No, that’s not the real lesson. The real lesson is that the American people, with the exception of the GOP core constituencies, know exactly what this bill is. It’s a payoff to the Koch brothers and the rest of the GOP donor class, leaving breadcrumbs for the rest of us. There is no conviction among actual economists that the bill will do anything much to stimulate the economy, and the economy isn’t in any particular need of stimulation. There’s no sizable pent-up demand that corporations are unable to address because they are cash-strapped. Corporations are flush with cash. The bill will balloon the national debt, not to fund a war or other national emergency, but to keep the GOP donor spigots open. The bill was patched together in secret, by and for lobbyists, without the conventional vetting process of hearings and deliberation. The opposition was frozen out. Plenty of GOP members will vote for it without even knowing exactly what’s in it. The whole thing is a f*cking outrage.