The Year the Resistance Strikes Back

The best thing about this holiday period is that it marks the end of a year unsurpassed in my lifetime for national awfulness. Trump, his supporters, and his enablers drowned 2017 in layer after layer of the raw sewage of hatefulness, cruel indifference, and shameful silence. They debased the Republic, hijacking it as a tool for their gratification. They treated the vulnerable like dirt, coddled bigotry, and ate away at the commitments we’ve made to ourselves and the world to be better than we’ve been, to work toward a more perfect union and a safer earth.

Let’s, then, ring in the new year, 2018, with the bell of enough’s enough. Let’s gather ourselves for battle, giving no quarter and expecting our adversaries to do their worst. Let’s press toward November recognizing that we will be the only authors of our salvation.