It’s All Beside the Point

Nothing other than ridding the country of Trump ought to be on the political agenda.

The Trump Administration is a national emergency. As Senator Corker implied yesterday, and as anybody with any sense has known for awhile, the President is entirely unfit for office. Dangerously unfit. His continuation in office creates a substantial risk of millions of deaths on the Korean peninsula and beyond. Domestically, his overriding purpose is to divide the country so deeply that political violence becomes more than imaginable.

We, the people, should demand that Trump be removed from office before any agenda item of either party is taken up. And we ought to be prepared to go back to the streets soon and in much larger numbers. And we ought to consider a general strike.

Parallels Between Our Current Insanity and the Vietnam Era

It’s impossible, at least for me, to watch the episodes of the brilliant Ken Burns/Lynn Novick documentary series “The Vietnam War” without drawing parallels to what’s happening now. What I might do is go back through the series over the next few days and list here the parallels that resonate the most. Meanwhile, I urge all Americans to watch the series.