An American Strong Man?

Trump, it turns out, is not very good at the whole Dear Leader thing. At least not so far. But this turn in our history should persuade us that the Republic is vulnerable.

If one of the major parties nominates a monster, and the other party cannot navigate our antiquated electoral system to victory, we’ll have a strong man in power.

If Congress is controlled by the strong man’s party, we’ll have the prospect of a bootlick legislature, virtually guaranteeing four years of authoritarian rule followed by who knows what.

The Fragility of the American Experiment

The American Experiment has been in trouble from the start. Tribalism is the natural human condition. The chant under torches of “Blood and Soil” is so pernicious because it resonates with something primordial. Something wired into us. Something that presumably contributed to our being the ones whose DNA made it to this generation. What’s pretty amazing is that our political community has managed so far, despite enormous trials and with so many of us not really on board, to persevere in the determination that we’ll organize our public lives another way, rejecting the pull of Blood and Soil for things light as air — the political ideals embodied in the founding documents.