Really Sorry That I Keep Going on About the GOP

There are plenty of things that Republicans should do about Trump, including impeaching him for violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. We’ve grown so inured to Republican politicians’ persistent refusal to put the welfare of the country above their re-election prospects and lust for tax cuts that complaining about it feels banal and naïve.

— Michelle Goldberg, Corker Told the Truth About Trump. Now He Should Act on It., New York Times, October 10, 2017.

Will Paul Ryan Burn in Hell?

No. I’m as confident of that as I am of anything. There will be no Judgment that he must attend when he goes over to the other side. There will be no ticket to Hell or even to Purgatory. Nor will he be given a golden ticket through the Pearly Gates. On the whole, then, he’s better off if I’m closer to right about what lies beyond than if he’s closer to right, assuming he’s being forthcoming about what he believes. Because if there is a God who sits in judgment, measuring worth by one’s faithfulness to the Son — author of the Sermon on the Mount — then Ryan at the least ought to be packed off to a reeducation camp in Purgatory until he acknowledges that neither of the Testaments includes a Book of Ayn.

The Senate GOP Leadership is a Secret Society

What’s the difference between Mitch McConnell and a parrot? The parrot talks. Mitch McConnell, whose title is “Majority Leader” in what once could be called without excessive exaggeration “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” rarely says anything. And he seems determined to ensure that the rest of his cadre of GOP senate leaders say as little as possible. That’s expected behavior from a secret society, but not from the majority party in the upper house of a representative democracy. There’s no honest engagement with the other party out in the open where it can be sifted by the electorate. Committee hearings are treated as annoyances when they delay the Mack truck that is some piece of let-them-eat-cake legislation wanted by the billionaires of the GOP donor class. The animating objective is the raw exercise of power for the benefit of the party.

Follow This One Tip to Get Reasonable Gun Regulation

Do not vote for a Republican candidate. Do not believe anything a Republican candidate tells you about his or her position on gun regulation. Do not “vote for the person.” Any Republican you put in office almost certainly will vote in lockstep with the bloc on any gun issue. The only way to ensure even a rational discussion of gun regulation is to remove the Republican Party from power. If you can’t vote for a Democrat or an Independent, just stay home.

A Real Hunger

I can’t believe there isn’t a real hunger in the country at this point for mature, bipartisan, moderate leadership. Somehow, we need to find a way to wrest power from the neoliberal ideologues and white identity fear-and-anger crowd and provide strong support for the folks like Collins, Kasich, McCain, and Murkowski. The radicals who put Trump in power and have allowed him to run amok are poison to the Republic.

There Will Be No Gun Legislation After Las Vegas

There’s speculation among the Twitterati that the GOP might entertain some minimal movement toward rational gun policy after Las Vegas. These pundits presumably don’t live in the South. There will be no gun legislation at all in the wake of Las Vegas. That’s my prediction.

The gun issue, as these writers either haven’t figured out yet or have forgotten, isn’t a policy issue. It’s one of the two defining cultural issues of the white working class. The other one is abortion. The GOP will not do a damn thing ever to address either issue as policy, absent some paroxysm of rationality among independents and the center-right in the next few elections that scares the Republicans more than they are now cowed by the evangelicals and good old boys of the Trump base.

Them’s just the facts. And you can take that to the bank.