Almost a Year

You know what’s really eating at Trump? It’s almost mid-October, so we’re closing in on the one-year mark of his Presidency. And he’s made a total hash of it. He has nothing. Nothing. Except the fights he’s picked with decency. That’s what’s eating him. And he doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s clueless. Of course, he could start a war with Rocket Boy.

Built on a Foundation of Ironies

Evangelicalism as practiced today in places like Roy Moore’s Alabama is built on a foundation of ironies, not the least of which is that the one man in the United States most likely to have a place already reserved in Hell — assuming there is a Hell along the lines they profess to be confident exists — is Donald Trump, to whom they have pledged their eternal support.

Fortress Blue

I think we ought to give the white identity culture and the evangelicals and the conservative Catholics everything they want. Let Alabama be Alabama and so forth. We withdraw to a subset of the states with strong blue majorities, radically reduce the size and authority of the federal government, set up hard borders, and allow visits from red-state residents only after extreme vetting.