Last night in bed I tried to decide what letters and sounds might capture best how I feel when I see Trump’s face. The letter “G,” — the hard “G” — seemed a good start, and somehow I came around to the word “gug” as a decent representation of my revulsion. I Googled “gug,” as you might expect, and found — as some of you presumably know — that a “gug” is a large, black-furred beast with vertically-opening fanged jaws. Fair enough. Maybe Trump is a subspecies, an example of the North American orange gug.

It Might Have Been Carol

I remember the drapes. We had heavy drapes in the living room. Did they cover sliding glass doors or was it a large window or set of windows looking out onto the back yard? I’m inclined to say sliding glass doors. When the hurricane came and the lights went out and the house turned cold, my mom and dad took down those drapes and converted them to blankets for us. That has stuck with me all these years. And my dad had bought cans of Sterno so we’d have hot food. This was on Long Island after we moved there from the city. Maybe the hurricane was Carol. Maybe another one. I’m inclined to say Carol, now that I’ve Googled all this.

Police Departments Should Refuse Trump’s Largesse

Trump has encouraged police departments to conduct themselves as enemies of the people they are sworn to protect and serve. He has encouraged police departments to feel free to be thugs. His latest stunt is the rolling back of the Obama-era limits on making surplus military gear available to police departments. This is an outrage, and we all should let our local departments know that this largesse should be refused.

The Nation’s Most Urgent Priority

Apparently, it’s Paul Ryan’s view that nothing is more important for Americans at the moment than lower taxes for the GOP’s donor class. In his crusade to get this done, Ryan is prepared to look the other way as the abominations of the Trump Administration pile up. Who am I to second-guess the political geniuses running the Hill GOP, but I’ll say this: Nobody is more eager than I am to confront Ryan’s party in November 2018. Bring it.